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ii Hawaiian Urban Poké
Madrid | Spain | 2017
Distributor: Matimex
Architect: Malka + Portús Arquitectos
Founded in 2017, the ii Hawaiian Urban Poké restaurant in Madrid is a young, elegant and at the same time informal meeting place laid with Porcelaingres technical ceramic slabs.

ii Pokè blends the classic flavours of Hawaiian food with lifestyles based on the contemporary urban and social dynamics of connection, practicality, sharing, awareness and energy, all typical of lively cities like Madrid. Not by chance, its claims include "Exotiic food. Exciting liife".

The charming beauty of the Soft Concrete collection, laid in this case on the floor in the variant Soft Iron, represents a style choice marked by both simplicity and tradition. The delicate, understated colour, in its apparent neutrality, appears to be a style solution enhancing the luminous atmosphere and supporting the blend with the coloured graphics on the walls.

Soft Concrete by Porcelaingres therefore adds visual balance to the whole restaurant and its brand image, "open, sociable, creative, energic and hipster", based on the stimulating cohabitation of opposite poles.

The highest quality of Porcelaingres porcelain stoneware thus offers unmatchable resistance to scratches, heavy foot traffic and the use of chemicals for daily sanitisation, maintaining the same original beauty of the coverings over time.

Color: Soft Iron

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