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The innovative tile with more slip resistance

Developed for wet areas

GRIP+ is more than just a surface technique or a non-slip coating. GRIP+ is integrated into our highquality porcelain stoneware tiles before firing to increase their dynamic slip resistance class.

GRIP+ provides support when you need it

GRIP+, the innovative surface finishing for selected floor tiles, unfolds its strength wherever it gets wet and damp. This is because GRIP+ actively reduces the risk of slipping on the floor when exposed to moisture. 

Thanks to their innovative microcrystals, these new porcelain stoneware surfaces have a lifelong durability of their slip resistance class A+B. Thus they meet the requirements for barrier-free family bathrooms and age-appropriate bathroom renovations.

Style with certainty

Reliable: Actively reduces the risk of slipping when exposed to moisture.

Durable: Innovative microcrystals with life-long durability.

Certified: Fulfils the requirements for barrier-free family bathrooms and ageappropriate bathroom renovations.

Easy to clean: The surface offers the best conditions for effortless cleaning.

Safe: Free of toxic chemicals to keep you and your family safe.

Manufactured in Germany: Made of regional raw materials.

50% more slip resistance

Due to the combination of superior slip resistance and ease of cleanability, GRIP+ is an ideal solution for commercial kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pool surfaces and much more. 

Two different thicknesses are available (6 and 8 mm).

Collections with GRIP+


Surface with GRIP+
dunkel grau Steinoptik Bodenfliesen in der Küche, dark grey stone effect tiles  on the kitchen floor


Surface with GRIP+


Surface with GRIP+


Surface with GRIP+


Surface with GRIP+


Surface with GRIP+


Surface with GRIP+