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SapienStone is design, innovation and quality

A leading company that has its roots in a great deal of experience in manufacturing large porcelain stoneware slabs for floors and walls, developed by Iris Ceramica Group in over fifty years of business activity. SapienStone is now able to offer highly customisable solutions for excellent kitchen worktops: exclusive surfaces capable of being integrated with any style, environment and especially with all requirements. At last the perfection of shapes meets the maximum level of functionality. In fact, all SapienStone worktops are resistant to high temperatures and atmospheric stress, as well as being scratch resistant, impact resistant, totally hygienic and designed to meet the ever-new and changing demands of contemporary life. The search for international trends, attention to detail and scrupulous care in regard to every detail make SapienStone the ideal company to trust and the perfect partner for those who want a nice kitchen from a visual point of view but also to live with.
The story continues for SapienStone, a material with undisputed technical and aesthetic potential. The kitchen becomes the field of application for this extraordinary porcelain tile, as resistant as it needs to be in such a well-used space, but also elegant and refined, for slightly irregular surfaces that are pleasing to the touch, in strong, neutral shades. Today’s kitchen is a much-used, shared space that must respond to the needs of a heterogeneous and cosmopolitan public, always very demanding. SapienStone is the detail that makes the difference, the response to our every taste, the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

The four actions of ACTIVE SURFACES

Our home has to be safe because depending on the circumstances it may also become a place where we will spend a lot of time alone (even working) or with our loved ones. For this reason, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, reflecting our taste and expressing our way of being, the principles that guide the architectural and interior decoration choices in construction and home furnishings will need to maximize the liveability of interior spaces. Liveability that also translates into the choice of flooring, cladding and furnishings that ensure maximum wellbeing and protection of our health, in a simple and lasting way.

The worktop of a kitchen is one of the most important components

and must be chosen carefully, as most preparation is carried out on it. The purpose of a top is not only to complete the kitchen furnishing harmoniously: besides styling and design, other characteristics such as resistance, practicality and functionality are important. The choice of the material to be used is therefore vital and, in the range of materials available on the market, porcelain stoneware is certainly among the best thanks to its technical and aesthetic features. The processing of natural raw materials, combined with the use of leading-edge patented production techniques, makes it possible to obtain high-tech materials characterized by typical full-body effects, a feature that has always been the exclusive hallmark of quarried marble and stone. Chromatic variations, veining and speckling are thus prized characteristics of SapienStone materials.