Tactile Surface Easy To Clean

A velvet surface with grip and comfort of care

In addition to the basic materiality of tiles, the surface properties play a decisive role in their perception, use and maintenance. This is due, amongst other reasons, to various surface finishing techniques that are applied both before and after firing. Texture embossing, polishing, brushing or sandblasting affect the tactile feel of porcelain stoneware surfaces.

The mark

The new technological processing of the porcelain stoneware surfaces with the aid of micro-sandblasting during the production process provides a softer touch. As a result, the surface is not only pleasant to the touch, but also guarantees better cleaning results. At the same time, the grip improves to a slip resistance class of R11 A+B. 

The porcelain stoneware surfaces with the CLEAN+ surface finishing are marked with this seal on our website.

20 mm tiles

The new surface finish CLEAN+ is applied to our 20 mm tiles. 

They are offered in the formats 100×100, 120×60, 60×60, 120x30 cm.

Collections with CLEAN+


Surface with CLEAN+
beige Steinoptik Fliesen im Schalafzimmer , beige stone effect tiles in the bedroom


Surface with CLEAN+


Surface with CLEAN+


Surface with CLEAN+


Surface with CLEAN+


Surface with CLEAN+