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Urban House

The versatility of the Urban Great collection told through images, using the video-mapping technique. 

A simple, linear graphic style

to complete the immersive, photo-realistic experience of virtual reality applied to ceramic surfaces: the distinctive elements of Urban House are reproposed in the form of a drawing, and animated by a video show that brings the rooms in the home to life, depending on the chosen material thickness.

Urban (6mm, 8mm, 2cm)

And so the three thicknesses in the Urban collection (6, 8 mm and 2 cm) become the lead characters in three stories that explain the infinite uses of ceramic material.
We imagined three paths based on a playful, illustrative mood, which through animation, sound and touch effectively convey the eclecticism of the product in an original manner.

The metaphoric message

the installation aims to communicate to users is that of the product as an added value for spaces, projects and objects; these come to life with the application of Urban Great.

Vitality and personality

are associated with an elegant two-dimensional feature borrowed from the world of traditional animation for its clarity, simplicity and immediacy: surprise offered by the simplicity of the marks.