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& Shapes

an interactive “pattern generator” table for combining the colours and shapes of porcelain stoneware

Color & Shapes

For the launch of the Color Studio collection, with 8 plain colour shades and 5 geometric forms (in addition to the traditional formats and special pieces), Porcelaingres has decided to talk about the topic of colour and the different sizes through an interactive table.

Designed for use during events and trade fairs

to engage visitors and explain the infinite possibilities of the collection, the table is built around simple gestures and a pioneering technology that guides users in a great interactive experience, stimulating creativity by showing the many possible combinations.

This makes it possible to see and touch the material

combining the colours and shapes of porcelain stoneware using the “pattern generator” technology in the interactive table.
We start by drawing a primary shape on the slab by hand: the artificial intelligence recognises it and generates a corresponding pattern.
At this point, the user can choose whether to further enhance the pattern by adding other geometrical shapes, and colour it with the 8 shades in the collection, represented by 8 small coated cubes.

Depending on their own tastes and needs,

users can choose the dominant colour and the secondary colours, while the software completes the pattern according to the instructions received. We can use all the colours together or just some of them, exchanging and viewing the alternatives in real time.
The gesture of drawing and the multi-sensory aspect of the installation make it simple and fun, creating direct communication with the material and suggesting all its infinite potential.