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We are part of the Italian

and we are among the major manufacturers of porcelain stoneware slabs in Germany. In the production site in Vetschau, Brandenburg, 100 km south-east of Berlin, we produce exclusive technical ceramic slabs for floors and walls in one of Europe's most modern production lines. Our aim is to develop products that leave their mark, used for sophisticated indoor and outdoor architectural projects. With a range of surfaces and many decorations, the ceramic slabs can be used in a wide range of projects, meeting all kinds of style demands. We consider ourselves a reliable partner for architecture and design firms, offering competence and experience at all levels. The know-how gained in each project directly contributes to the development of new products and the optimisation of existing solutions. Sustainability and ecology are fundamental elements of our corporate identity. Porcelaingres works to the highest ecological standards and has been awarded numerous environmental certificates.

Ceramics manufacturer in Brandenburg and Northern Italy:
the production sites in Vetschau and Castellarano

Our most pioneering production site is in Vetschau, a small town in the region of Brandenburg. It is within easy reach of the A 15 and A 13 motorways from Berlin, Dresden as well as from Poland. Surrounded by a rich historical and cultural landscape, the Spreewald, the production site covers an area of 84,000 square metres. To be able to define our production site as “pioneering”, we meet certain standards: 
• Rainwater is recovered specifically and used in production;
• Up to 40% of the raw materials used come from recycled material. 

The production processes are accurately monitored by robotics, to create porcelain stoneware slabs that are always of the highest quality and strength. In addition to the production site in Vetschau, we also have other production sites in Italy, in the Sassuolo area (MO). This area is considered to be the centre of the European ceramic and majolica production industry. The production plants at this site are also cutting-edge and fully automated. The main headquarters of IRIS CERAMICA GROUP are in Castellarano, just a few kilometres away.

Live the architectural experience in the Porcelaingres showrooms

Architecture shows off its best side when seen first-hand, as this is the only way to truly experience the sensations and emotions offered by the surfaces. In our three showrooms in Vetschau, Berlin and Castellarano, you have the chance to see the high quality of our porcelain stoneware slabs for yourself. 

 The new showroom in Vetschau is on the ground floor of a glass building full of light, right next to the modern production plant. Here you can admire a floor laid entirely in our slabs, with a complete view of all our product ranges.

In the showroom in Berlin, you can find inspiration for your creative ideas and projects. The large showroom lies in the capital city’s beating heart, in the halls of the ex-Sarotti chocolate factory. The area is not only a showroom, but also a meeting place and a location for corporate events and screenings. Here you can experiment modern interior design.

In Castellarano, you will find all our latest products and an exhibition on the history of Porcelaingres, IRIS CERAMICA GROUP and the Italian ceramics and majolica industry.

Live the architectural experience in the Porcelaingres showrooms

Porcelaingres protects the environment: we think green We take our environmental responsibility very seriously. For us, progress, growth, ecology and sustainability are one and the same thing. This is why we always think of our significant processes within their context. To produce porcelain stoneware slabs, we use natural raw materials including clay, quartz and feldspar, in the most efficient way possible. We are certified to standard ISO 50001 for energy management, adopted by businesses to systematically and constantly optimise their energy efficiency. On the 870 metre-long roof of the production site in Vetschau, we have installed an impressive photovoltaic plant that produces a peak power of 2.4 megawatts. With this amount of electricity, we can cover a significant part of the energy needs in production. Moreover, the site has a process water treatment plant and a material recycling system. All the production waste is collected and reprocessed. 40% of the transformed raw materials come from these regeneration processes. With the modern production, measuring and control technologies, we need very few operations to save considerable amounts of material and reduce CO2 emissions. Exploiting warm air from the kilns to produce energy, we have reduced the CO2 emissions in our plants by 4,000 tonnes a year. Several Porcelaingres products have received the British BREEAM certification as well as LEED certification from the US Green Building Council. Both certificates define high building standards that respect the environment, with an efficient and eco-sustainable use of resources.

Porcelaingres porcelain stoneware slabs are also available with Active Surfaces technology.

Using a cutting-edge photo-catalytic process, these surfaces are activated simply by natural or artificial light, as well as in the dark, eliminating over 99% of microbial agents, including bacteria and viruses, as well as polluting, odour-forming particles, making the slabs self-cleaning. These materials stand out for their lasting eco-active properties, tested according to ISO standards. Finally, recent studies have demonstrated that they are also 94% effective against the virus responsible for Covid-19.

Our identity in a Global Player

We belong to the IRIS CERAMICA GROUP, one of the major global manufacturers of ceramics and porcelain stoneware, as well as the largest Italian industrial group in this field. The multi-brand holding groups together the know-how of various companies, making innovations and resources available to all the group members, helping to develop special competences in all its businesses. This company structure is the foundation for a very broad assortment and an integrated yet specialised range of products. All the IRIS CERAMICA GROUP porcelain stoneware products are characterised by:
• The special quality of the surfaces;
• An original and substantial style;
• Great attention to detail. 

With Porcelaingres, "Design Made in Italy" meets the German workforce. Mediterranean naturalness, the timeless elegance and lightness of the "dolce vita" blend with high efficiency, functionality and exceptional value.