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Welcome Home

A home where you’ll always be welcome.

We have built a new home, to show off everything that represents us best.

A home that talks of our work, our way of doing and our creative habits. A home that is a concentrate of materials, shapes and styles based on a precise concept: hospitality.
And playing host is stoneware, in its most modern forms, offering new furnishing and design solutions.
Exploring the home, guests can see how ceramic materials transform to add original, unexpected, creative and rational features, room after room. Here is a countertop, a carpet, a bed head. Or again: covered furniture, vases, sinks.

All we did was to make a highly technical and functional material warm and familiar.

Embellishing the dining room, firstly we printed it to create a wallpaper effect (*) and then we treated it (**) to ensure the highest hygiene and safety standards in every room, starting from the bathroom. We have blended technology with well-being, a special feature that we have always used, to create a high-quality dimension for everyday life, based on welcoming, safety and pleasure. In a nutshell, we want the people who enter to feel at home.
And there’s more. The Home is the concrete, tangible side of a broader virtual project exploring the concepts of style, design and hospitality in a digital environment.

Using an easy 3D configuration, you will have a stimulating, fun immersive experience.

Surfing through the rooms and combining colours and finishes according to personal taste, guests have a realistic projection of what they are imagining and can view how their home would be in real time.
Porcelaingres lies between the virtual and the real, meeting all the visitors’ needs, and following them step by step to a ‘made to measure’ dimension.

We think that hospitality is motion: going to meet, coming to meet.

This is why we have built a Home in which to welcome people with all possible courtesy and attention. And we have called it WELCHOME, because we want everyone who comes to visit to feel welcome.

Please come in.

A project by Porcelaingres

(*) Design Your Slab, a highly advanced hot-printing system
(**) Active, one of the most innovative systems for antibacterial and anti-particulate treatment