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Great One.

With the elegance and luxury of Great Elite and the essential beauty of Great One, Porcelaingres quotes the splendor and uniqueness of marble and the unspoken charm of minimalism.

The understated charm of minimalism.

The inspiration behind Great One’s porcelain surfaces lies in the philosophy of minimalism, seeking to attain its greatest expression.

The collection draws inspiration from the serene beauty and simplicity found in total white. The goal is to capture the essence of minimalism, embracing simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication.

Especially well-suited for creating spacious and contemporary interiors, it effortlessly achieves a sense of continuity through its use of pure white.

Material essence.

A remarkable journey where artistry meets sustainability.

Great Elite recalls the beauty of luxury marble, opting for a polished and a natural texture. With Great One, a solid white paves the way for a minimalistic ambience, simple yet elegant. Characterized by a natural and a polished texture, this essential collection offers the flexibility to create elegant accents by combining it with natural materials and colors.

Discover the exquisite beauty of surfaces that reinvent nature’s masterpieces, all while honoring our commitment to the planet we cherish.

Together, let’s create spaces that not only captivate the eye but also nurture the soul.

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Great One
One White Honed
One White erzielt durch seine minimalistische Klarheit eine besonders homogene Wirkung. Durch das großzügige Format und die gleichmäßige Färbung der robusten Fliesen erscheinen auch große Flächen geradezu luftig und schwerelos. Vor dem Glanz dieses reduzierten Hintergrunds kommen Naturmaterialien, aber auch dunkle Kontraste oder bunte Farbakzente ausgesprochen gut zur Geltung.