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The sustainability of ceramics

The long-term vision of Porcelaingres
Sustainability is not an environmental or ecological movement, it is a requirement of society, which begins with people, and with a basic ethical principle: the responsibility of the generations of today to the generations of tomorrow, clearly explained in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Porcelaingres is aware of this and works hard every day to implement the values and paradigms of sustainable development, applying an integrated approach that is strategic, far-sighted and essential.
Our avant-garde production plant in Vetschau meets high standards of environmental sustainability: 50% of the raw materials it uses come from recycled and natural materials, and stormwater and water from production processes is reclaimed and put back in circulation.

The plant’s heat recovery system, new filtering systems, LED lighting and photovoltaic arrays generating 25% of the plant’s annual energy requirements are further keys to the company’s productive philosophy.

Moreover, the Vetschau plant is strategically located by the railway station and the motorway, and the supplier of natural raw materials is located only 20 km away, cutting CO2 emissions by travelling only a short distance. 

Porcelaingres is constantly working towards clean energy production. In the future, electricity will be generated with the help of the company's own wind turbine. The surplus electricity generated will be used for the generation of environmentally friendly hydrogen to further reduce the amount of fossil fuels.
Ceramics comply with the principal international ecological rating protocols for assessment of buildings: Our products comply with LEED® IEQ 4 Low-emitting materials – floor systems, have no VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, and are 100% recyclable and chemically inert, so that they will not give off hazardous gases even in the event of fire.

The majority of the company’s products are Greenguard Gold certified. Porcelaingres sees sustainability as encompassing product quality, producing ceramics that are designed and made for timeless beauty and performance.