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Berlin | Germany | 2017
Architect: Freehaus Design
Berlin is a new destination for trendy, healthy and sustainable eating and drinking, with room for innovation. Hermann's - designed by Freehaus Design - lies on Torstrasse, in the heart of the digital start-up scene; it has a luminous, friendly air, thanks to the "urban" style of the Porcelaingres panels.

The new restaurant takes its name from the founder of the company, Hermann Bahlsen, but the menu is not strictly linked to the main activity of the famous biscuit maker. The concept of Hermann's, "For a Good Future of Food" was developed by Verena Bahlsen, the daughter of the current CEO Werner M. Bahlsen, and is certainly much more ambitious.
In fact, Hermann's is designed as a space for multi-purpose events where you can take cookery courses or enjoy other services that make it a benchmark for decision-makers in the food innovation sector. 
This concept was developed through the architectural project for the architect firm in London, Freehaus Design. Freehaus Design is an award-winning creative agency founded in London in 2012, which has made sustainable design its calling card. For Hermann's, the designers expressed the client’s ideas through an attractive interior design, preferring soft, discreet colours detached from the more rustic style of other similar places in the centre of Berlin. A choice that brings bags of charm to a space designed for co-working and perhaps one of the reasons it is particularly popular with a female clientele.
The comfortable seating areas have power sockets and free Wi-Fi access. The menu has a wide range of tasty, healthy dishes, and a wide range of top-quality coffees and teas. 

The floors are laid with the Porcelaingres Urban collection, specifically
Urban Great (300×100) and Urban (60×60), allowing freedom of interpretation for the spaces in Herman's and offering a sense of visual continuity with the lively city, seen through the large windows.
The choice of materials blends harmoniously with the sustainable philosophy adopted by both Hermann's and the Freehaus Design architects.

The concrete-effects porcelain stoneware panels
come from our production site in Vetschau, Brandenburg, just 100 km from Berlin, where they are produced using renewable energy with a set percentage of recycled material.

Collection: URBAN GREAT
Color: Grey

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