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Grand Tower
Frankfurt | Germany | 2019
Architect: Magnus Kaminiarz, gsp Städtebau - Frankfurt

With its combination of neutral colours, bright shading and discreet patterns, porcelain stoneware surfaces (slabs and tiles) by Porcelaingres show off their personality without being too showy, and are thus ideal for any setting.

For Porcelaingres, interpreting colours in combination with the various formats is not enough to improve everyday life on the premises. You need new dimensions, where modern solutions are developed for contemporary architecture, new aspirations and new scenarios for free inspiration. NOTE: we don't understand this passage. We advise it be removed, as it adds no value to the reference.

The Grand Tower is the tallest residential building in Germany, and here Porcelaingres ceramic surfaces are also used. It was built in Frankfurt am Main, a city with an impressive skyline already characterised by various skyscrapers.

The Grand Tower lies at the entrance to the European district, between Dreieck Messe, Bankenviertel and Westend, and has 400 apartments on 47 floors. Residents have exclusive use of two extraordinary terraces: the Sunset Desk, 200 m² on the 43rd floor at a height of 141 metres and the so-called "Grand Terrace", 960 m² on the 7th floor, designed as a large private garden with a great variety of landscapes. The building also has another panoramic terrace at a height of 172 metres.

The building was conceived and designed by Magnus Kaminiarz, a Frankfurt architect, who gave the Grand Tower a touch of independent, expressive design. At the same time, not only did he design all the apartments with their own balcony, but he also ideated these external spaces with a very particular shape, ensuring maximum privacy and protection.

The many types of apartment mean that there is really something for everyone, with extraordinary, thrilling views over the city of Frankfurt. The Grand Tower offers cosy apartments measuring just 42 m², as well as larger apartments from 55 m² to 120 m² and the exclusive attics on the upper floors.

Overall, the building has a total surface area of 44,000 m².

In the Grand Tower, the (tile format) surfaces of the Just Cementi collection by  Porcelaingres were used. Inspired by the modern loft concept, this collection offers today’s authentic "City Life Style", with a revalued and youthful architectural charm.

Just Cementi offers a selection of concrete grey nuances with two different surface textures, offering infinite design opportunities. With its fluid colour shades, it is the ideal complement for the Just Grey base collection.

Collection: JUST CEMENTI
Color: Grey, Light Grey, White, Black, Dark Grey 

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