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Porcelaingres’s exclusive range of porcelain tiling solutions combines elegant Italian style with exacting German manufacturing standards in a state-of-the-art, sustainable process.

Browse our exclusive collections and multitude of designs and put together your personal colour and design combinations in a free box of samples.

How to place an order:


Get inspiration from our products and select different colour samples from our exclusive collections.


Click the “FREE DESIGN SAMPLE 10x15CM” to add your chosen designs to the shopping cart and follow the ordering instructions. Your samples are free of charge.


We individually pack your box of samples ready to be dispatched to your address within a few days. Convenient and free of charge.

When you choose Porcelaingres porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs, you choose a top-of-the-range product that guarantees superior performance in terms of quality and sustainability.

Be captivated by our prestigious range of architectural products that feature a large variety of backgrounds, sizes and formats for use in all kinds of projects.

Different thicknesses and a multitude of surfaces and anti-slip finishes make our products suitable for indoor and outdoor use in public as well as private spaces.

Enjoy the timeless appeal of our highly durable stone, marble, wood, concrete and metal effect ceramic surfaces.


A collection inspired by that most natural of materials: clay. The collection includes eight different hues for a unrivaled wealth of colour: deep sea blue, earthy brown, soft emerald green, warm terracotta, variegated ash, cold lava, traditional clay and soft moonlight.

A random mixture of "cosmic powder" consisting up of high-grade granules and iridescent slivers that makes every porcelain surface unique.


A fascinating combination of subtle natural colours and succinct structures, this collection is much more than a coordinated colour concept for wall and floor coverings. Textured matte surfaces that come to life in natural light, giving the collection a unique and unconventional look.


Discover a new generation of maxi-slabs, the result of continuous research and the most advanced production technologies.

Considerably larger than standard porcelain slabs, they range in size from 300 x 150 cm to 75 x 37.5 cm, 6 mm thick


The latest large-format addition to the Royal family. The Great Royal Stone collection offers an even greater choice of sizes and formats whilst maintaining the integrity of the surface texture.

Extending the range has maximised the design potential with the sizes 300x150, 270x120, 150x150, 150x75, 120x120, 75x75 and 75x37.5, adding aesthetic value to your project and achieving interesting results that exceed expectation.

Like Royal Stone, the surface texture skillfully blends stone and marble, giving every new project a sophisticated, metropolitan appeal. Perfectly at home in both the contract and residential sectors.


Inspired by that special something of northern Europe, the new Loft collection is the perfect combination of stone and concrete.

The smooth texture of concrete interfused with the natural elegance of stone creates a restrained but contemporary aesthetic. The inimitable flair is enhanced by tiny iridescent particles that reflect the light, adding character to the ceramic material.

The newly-launched collection is available in four sizes, three thicknesses and four natural colours that complement the latest architectural trends to perfection.


Introducing QUARTZ STONE, the latest addition to the Porcelaingres collection. A sublime stone effect in different colour variations that merges robustness and versatility with clean design.

Striking surfaces that emit positivity and spaciousness, inviting you to enjoy the delicate and harmonious textures that communicate the very essence of contemporary architecture.


The ROYAL STONE collection: where the resilience of stone meets the sophistication of marble.

The light texture of natural stone joins forces with the cloud-like markings of natural marble to create a surface that is opulent yet minimal, powerful yet subtle, and goes with a multitude of interior design styles.

Royal Stone comes in 5 different finishes: Black Diamond, Imperial Brown, Palladium Grey, Noble Beige and Platinum White.


This porcelain stoneware collection comes in a variety of beige tones. Classic and understated, this harmonious suite of colours and textures goes hand in hand with the most sophisticated architectural design.

8 colour tones, 3 textures.

Eight coordinated tones and three surface textures lend a subtle and exclusive appeal to any space.


Intriguing and aesthetically pleasing. A tale of beauty written between the lines of rugged bark. In_Wood, the new collection from Porcelaingres, evokes the warmth and serenity of ancient woodlands.

Six finishes in neutral/brown tones project an atmosphere of timeless continuity and exude the allure of stunning forest landscapes.

The seductive charm of wood intermingles with the technical sophistication of porcelain stoneware to create a high-performance collection that has the versatility to fit in seamlessly with the most diverse of interiors.


Rediscover the elegance and sophistication of a material that has been around since time immemorial. Effortlessly simple and stylish and exhibiting a build-up of nuances that softly mark the passage of time, this finish is truly one of a kind.

SOFT CONCRETE offers a plethora of interesting and individual combinations, ideal for making a statement. The natural look of the surface, at once textured yet subtle and subdued, lends itself to all kinds of interiors, including contemporary, shabby chic, country and retro.


This new porcelain stoneware collection is well placed to meet the demanding needs of sophisticated architecture. Grey is never just plain grey.

Eight different shades span the spectrum between deep black and pure white. This provides architects and interior designers with a self-contained collection of porcelain stoneware tiles of the very highest quality for commercial applications. Three different surface textures and a host of different formats complete the collection.


Urban Great porcelain stoneware slabs. In their quest for perfect colours and format evolution, Porcelaingres has reached new horizons with their Urban Great collection.

Increased sizes, expansive surfaces for exquisite furnishings, now part of a new generation of large formats, with a thickness of just 6 mm to reduce environmental impact, both in the production and transportation of the material.


We live surrounded by ideas. The precision of architecture, which allows us to alter the landscape and make it our own; the power of design to create an ambience from a single point of view.

Secure and lasting foundations cemented beneath our feet. This is where the city rests and where our lives unfold. It is those streets, those landscapes of glass and steel, together with the character of cement and the vibrancy of the city that forged URBAN, the new collection by Porcelaingres.


Radically different porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs with a flickering rusty effect.

With an intentionally "aged" and industrial look, RADICAL stands out from the crowd of traditional floor coverings. It satisfies the demanding tastes of the style-savvy customer with its clever combinations and options for contrast.


Light yet strong, elegant yet practical, soft yet vibrant. Opposites attract and work together to bring life to the surfaces of the Silk Stone collection.

The delicacy of silk merges with the strength of stone to create a material with a sophisticated and minimalist appeal that can be combined with a multitude of elemental materials including gold, marble, iron and clay.

Lightness and strength are features that are both aesthetic and practical. The porcelain stoneware slabs and tiles in the Silk Stone collection are just 6mm thick, making them extremely versatile. Suitable for covering walls as well as floors, they come in a palette of warm and natural hues that meet heightened expectations and satisfy the most diverse customer tastes.


A passion for nature inspired the Porcelaingres Pure Wood collection. The colour palette of these eco-friendly, porcelain stoneware surfaces embraces six stunning hues.

2 formats, 6mm thick. Available in 120x20 and the special format 120x20 module oblique, this collection is the ideal choice for styling creative, inspiring interiors that convey character and taste.


Outstanding graphic effects that evoke the natural splendour of marble combined with a material that is also matchless in terms of technology and environmental sustainability. In formats 120x120 and 120x270.

6 colours in 2 exclusive finishes: Bright, emphasizing the unique grains, and Natural, with a texture that is smooth to the touch, combing character with elegance in exceptional residential or public spaces.

Available in 6 colours: Elite Statuario, Elite Invisible, Elite Calacatta, Elite Sahara, Elite Marquinha and Elite Alpi


The minimalist allure of all white. In two extra-large sizes (120x120 cm and 120x270 cm), complemented by two finishes: Natural, with an enticing tactile, textural quality and Bright, with its lustrous and durable surfaces, recommended for indoor flooring.

The ideal floor covering for out-of-the-ordinary projects combining continuity with a generous, on-trend appeal.


Porcelaingres, the German subsidiary of the IRIS CERAMICA GROUP ,

is a leading producer of high-quality porcelain wall and floor tiles and large format slabs. Made in Germany. Always close to our clients, we support you in the architectural design of your spaces with our know-how and consulting experience in every phase of the design process.
Porcelaingres produces innovative porcelain stoneware wall and floor coverings at its facility south of Berlin, one of the most modern in Europe. 
The production process and plant technology set the standard in terms of quality, design, environmental sustainability and climate impact.

  • A production process with a low environmental and climatic impact
  • High percentage of renewable energy, such as solar energy
  • Almost 100% reuse of production waste
  • 40% recycled raw materials
  • Rainwater collection and treatment


  • Use of regional raw materials
  • Short shipping distances in Europe
  • An ultra-modern production plant south of Berlin


  • High-tech production in Europe’s most modern plant
  • Constant quality control throughout the entire production process
  • ISO 9000, ISO 50001 and ISO 14021 certifications


  • GRIP+
    An innovative porcelain surface with 50% higher anti-slip performance, developed specifically for wet areas.
  • LOOK+
    A new generation of full-body slabs.
  • CLEAN+
    A velvety surface offering greater anti-slip properties and easier maintenance.



  • Design Your Slab - DYS
    Large and small sizes, traditional and innovative formats. This system allows customised decoration on any kind of surface.
    learn more
  • Active Surfaces
    A technology that allows the production of ceramic wall and floor coverings with antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollution, self-cleaning and anti-odour properties
    learn more
  • Sapienstone
    Sapienstone offers customisable solutions with outstanding features for kitchen countertops and work surfaces. Impermeable, hygienic and resistant to heat, scratching and impact, this collection meets the increasingly tough demands of everyday living.
    learn more
  • Hypertouch
    An innovative concealed capacitive technology that enhances the elegance and functionality of the ceramic surface beyond imagination. Simply touch the surface to activate an integrated system of automated sensors that control audio-video systems, windows, blinds and temperature. Its aesthetic appeal breathes new life into your spaces.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Experience architecture for yourself in a Porcelaingres showroom

You really need to experience architecture first hand to fully appreciate its true potential. Come and immerse yourself in the amazing worlds of design and architecture that our products evoke! Our two showrooms in Vetschau and Castellarano offer you the opportunity to see and feel the visual and tactile quality and detail of our porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs for yourself. Up close and personal.

The Vetschau showroom is situated on the ground floor of an all-glass building flooded with light close to our production plant. Here visitors can take a closer look at a floor covered entirely with our tiles and get a better idea of our product range.

In Castellarano you can discover our latest products and enjoy an exhibition that deals with the history of Porcelaingres, the IRIS CERAMICA GROUP and Italy as a centre of ceramics and majolica production.