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Masses of compact rock, made of natural mineral substances shaped over time, accompany humans along their path. QUARTZ_STONE, the new Porcelaingres collection, represents the stone in its colour variations, placing strength and hardness alongside a clean and sober design. Walking, experiencing daily life on intense surfaces able to transmit positive sensations, delicate and harmonious textures that respond perfectly to the multiple requirements of contemporary architecture.
The stone as an unrivalled element of strength and tradition, indissoluble and resistant to time and history. Colours and surfaces that recall the tenacity of Nature, enriched by brilliant moments that give the new Porcelaingres collection a unique and distinctive sign of careful prestige. Rooms stand out due to the new sought-after elegance of the intense and exclusive strokes.
The dynamicity of black, colour - symbol of energy and resistance, able to guarantee elegance in all spaces, indoors and outdoors. An innovative surface, the perfect result of the highest Porcelaingres technology.

Grey is charged with strength and movement, creating plays of light and decisive shades. Embracing, essential and with a determined character, it adds vital authenticity to contemporary design.
Light grey, a versatile colour with simple and clean strokes. Modern, light and spacious environments become an expression of elegant contemporaneity.

The material is heated and acquires warm, natural and precious tones. A classical but still current shade, able to exalt the architectural elements of even the most sophisticated environments, with harmony and elegance.


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