Level Project Galatina
Galatina (LE) | Italy | 2019
Architect: Studio Minerba
Photo: Daniele Notaro, Metropolitan ADV

Level Project is a leading Italian contract furnishing company. The new premises are located in the industrial area in Galatina, along the major road towards Lecce. The building houses the whole production process, from design to in-house manufacturing, including project management and logistics.

The architectural design, developed by Architect Nicola Carlo Minerba, aimed to create a flexible, open space where different professional figures can exchange ideas and communicate freely, working and thriving in a place that stimulates creativity and discussion.
For these reasons, the building also houses an impressive collection of art works, in the offices, corridors, common areas, and even in the restrooms.
Flexible space and an appreciation of art are behind the design choices for the careful management of both natural and artificial light. The transparent structural glass walls play a fundamental role in creating internal-internal and internal-external continuity.
Materials also play a key role. Urban Great 100x100, in Sand was chosen for the floor, contrasting perfectly with the clean white ceilings. The soft effect and special colour scheme create a welcoming, elegant space which is discrete enough to enhance the many artworks on display.

Collection: URBAN GREAT
Color: Sand

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