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ii Hawaiian Urban Poké

Madrid | Spain | 2017



The ii Hawaiian Urban Poké Restaurant, which opened in Madrid in 2017, is the trendy place to meet up. The elegant yet informal look is complemented with Porcelaingres technical ceramic tiles.

The 'ii Poké combines classic Hawaiian food with a contemporary, urban social lifestyle dynamic based on connection, practicality, sharing, awareness and vitality, typical of a buzzing city like Madrid. Unsurprisingly it lays claim to "Exotiic food. Exciting liife". The stunningly attractive Soft Concrete collection, in this instance in Soft Iron, is used for the flooring; an on-trend yet at the same time simple and traditional interior design choice. Subtle and delicate, the seemingly neutral shade is a stylish solution that accentuates the bright ambiance, perfectly complementing the graphic wall art.

Soft Concrete Porcelaingres tiles visually balance the entire venue and "welcoming, friendly, creative, dynamic and hipster” image of the brand, in other words an inspiring coexistence of polar opposites.

The superb quality of Porcelaingres porcelain tiles also offers unprecedented resistance to scratches, frequent footfall and chemical products used for daily cleaning, keeping their original beautiful appearance over time.

Distributor: Matimex

Architect: Malka + Portús Arquitectos

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