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Biblioteca Comunale Peccioli

Peccioli - Pisa | Italy | 2018
Architect: Heliopolis 21



In Peccioli, in the splendid Tuscan countryside, along the route leading from Volterra to Pisa, Pisa-based design studio Heliopolis 21 Architetti Associati rebuilt a nineteenth-century rural building that was reduced to ruins according to contemporary restoration principles and state-of-the-art construction techniques.

The total volume of the new building, which houses an avant-garde cultural centre, strictly complies with that of the original complex, clearly distinguishing the spaces corresponding to the nineteenth-century floorplan from those of the extension dating back to the early twentieth century.

Essentially as a result of subsequent superfetation, the body of the extension was reconstructed to create a highly modern stoichiometric volume that does not merge with the historical volume, but complements it. The new volume, which observes the principles of truth and distinctiveness dear to Adolf Loos and other recent work by Swiss studio Diener&Diener, such as the PAsquArt Centre in Biel, was clad in Porcelaingres elements.

The design aimed to create a zero-energy-consumption building in compliance with current energy policy guidelines for renovated and reconstructed buildings.

The work was planned and completed in just 7 months using an Xlam timber construction. The materials used for styling the interiors and exteriors are consistent with the formal choices and with the objective of limiting energy consumption. Particular attention was paid to the choice of material for the ventilated wall of the extension. The cladding, in custom-sized stoneware slabs created to a special design by Heliopolis 21, characterises the volume with a laying pattern designed to conceal the direction of cuts and joints. The design of the ashlar pattern and the assembly of the slabs was tailored to the building and created by Porcelaingres on the basis of Urban Great in the colour Sand using hydrojet cutting (thickness 6mm).


Client: Belvedere S.p.A.

Construction company: P.R.D. by Buselli Giuliano and C.

Photo:Fabrizio Sichi

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