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Grand Tower

Frankfurt | Germany | 2019
Architect: Magnus Kaminiarz, gsp Städtebau - Frankfurt


JUST CEMENTI light grey
JUST CEMENTI dark grey

With a combination of neutral tones, vivid shades and restrained patterns, the tiles of Porcelaingres express their character without being obtrusive. This makes them a solid foundation for every room. The interpretation of colours combined with many formats, for Porcelaingres, premises for a better everyday life are not enough. New dimensions are required, where modern solutions are developed for well-known contemporary architecture; new aspirations and new scenarios for free inspiration.

The Grand Tower, which will be the tallest residential building in Germany, will also be furnished with tiles from Porcelaingres. It is currently being built in Frankfurt am Main, where multi-storey buildings of various types already characterise the impressive skyline.

The Grand Tower is being built at the entrance to the Europaviertel (European Quarter) within the triangle formed by the tradefair (Messe), banking district (Bankenviertel) and Westend districts and will provide space for around 400 flats on 47 floors. The residents will be able to make exclusive use of two extraordinary terraces: the 200 m² large Sunset Desk on the 43rd floor at 141 metres as well as the so-called "Grand Terrace" on the 7th floor with 960 m², which is being laid out as a lavish private garden with a large variety of landscaping. An observation deck 'tops' the building at a height of 172 metres.

The Frankfurt architect Magnus Kaminiarz designed and created the building. He gave the Grand Tower its own expressive form and character. At the same time, he not only designed the flats in such a way that almost every one of them has its own balcony, but the balconies in the shape of a tube are also designed so that they can offer utmost privacy and protection.

In addition, the wide range of flats can satisfy almost every wish and offer exciting and different perspectives of the city of Frankfurt. The Grand Tower offers small but cosy 42 m² flats as well as spacious multi-room ones between 55 m² to 120 m² and exclusive penthouses on the upper floors. Overall, the building will have a gross floor area of around 44,000 m². The Grand Tower will have exquisite tiles from the Porcelaingres Just Cementi collection. Inspired by the character of a modern loft, this collection conveys the authentic "City Life Style" of our time, which radiates an architecturally uplifting and youthful charm. Just Cementi offers a selection of grey cement shades with two different surface textures for countless creative possibilities, and perfectly extends the Just Grey basic collection thanks to its flowy graded colour nuances.

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