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Porcelaingres is a company certified under the ISO 9001 standard in the field of Design, Development, Production, and Sale of Porcelain Stoneware, as well as Customer Service. We are also certified under the ISO 50001 standard thanks to an advanced energy management system. For production, we use natural materials such as clay, quartz and feldspar, in order to achieve the strength, water tightness and aesthetics typical of porcelain stoneware. The properties of these materials ensure that our products are not only high performance, but environmentally friendly as well.

We also have Active technology, whose antibacterial and anti-pollution properties are documented and recognised by the entire scientific community, as shown by the “CO2 Compensation” certificate by Bureau Veritas.

For Porcelaingres products and their production process, the following certifications have been obtained: QB UPEC for the French market, CC (Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), in addition to careful management to reduce CO2 emissions. All certifications are constantly updated to reflect the new collections produced, as well as the continued investments in increasingly efficient production plants.

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