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Zukunftspreis Brandenburg 2019


Zukunftspreis Brandenburg 2019


Porcelaingres has been nominated this year for the Zukunftspreis Brandenburg, which will be awarded on November 22nd. It is awarded to companies with innovative products or processes, for planned or successful business expansions or investments, above-average and continuous apprenticeship training, or successful corporate succession.

The Zukunftspreis Brandenburg has been jointly announced and organised by the chambers of commerce in Brandenburg since 2014.

The first Zukunftspreis was awarded in 2004 for the region of Eastern Brandenburg. The initiators of that were the IHK Frankfurt (Oder) (chamber of industry and commerce) and the Märkische Oderzeitung (Oder newspaper). The number of partners grew over the years.

The Zukunftspreis Ostbrandenburg (Eastern Brandenburg) then became the Zukunftspreis Brandenburg in 2008. The reason for extending it to the entire federal state: in addition to the HWK (chamber of trades & crafts) Frankfurt (Oder) of the Eastern Brandenburg region, the IHK Cottbus and the HWK Cottbus joined the group of sponsors.


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