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For the first time, Porcelaingres opens its doors to soft and delicate colours inspired by the elements of nature while perfectly matching the other materials in the product range.

The eight naturally desaturated colours of the collection create a real colour system, which allows the combination of colour shades according to different criteria, also because these warm and cold shades are a natural perfect match.

The textured, matte surface is also invigorated with the effect of light through a slight shimmer that refreshes materials and makes them unique and unconventional.

Our company has designed shapes and structures that are made by hand to highlight the mix & match effect between the different colours. There are squares, triangles, rhombuses, trapezoids, mosaics and strips of different sizes which can be combined in more or less complex patterns, always achieving different effects.

Geometric shapes, such as squares, parallelograms and triangles, allow for ideal combinations of the three shapes. Together with the colourful diversity of Color Studio, due to the different angles of the shapes, numerous variations of geometric patterns can be designed, which can be harmoniously combined.

The patterns created by these combinations are divided into regular or random patterns. The regular patterns are based on repetitive, decorative units that blend into different geometries. The random patterns, on the other hand, are characterised by free and emotional combinations that, thanks to the 8 colour shades of the collection, always harmoniously and naturally go well together.

Even the sealants are part of Porcelaingres' colour project - they are designed in line with the collection, so that they can be used to match the base colour or as a contrast to highlight the collection's moulded parts used on the floor or as cladding.

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