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#20 Outdoor now also in 100x100cm Format


#20 Outdoor now also in 100x100cm Format


With #20 outdoor, Porcelaingres offers a wide range of materials inspired by nature and urban environments, making stylish and versatile solutions for outdoor flooring possible. #20 outdoor stands for complete design concepts that are perfect for public or private spaces and seamlessly blend with any outdoor or garden environment. Wood, concrete and stone offer a comprehensive selection of styles, formats and finishes for the individual design of spaces that have one thing in common - Porcelaingres quality in 20mm thickness.

#20 outdoor is not only synonymous with the timeless synthesis of modern design: it also stands for a technically high-performance material suitable for many applications and different laying techniques. Our fine stoneware offers strength and durability, and fully complies with safety standards applicable for public and private environments.

The 20mm thick 100x100 format of the URBAN Collection in anthracite, grey and ivory is brand new. Just as in the home, the office or shopping arcades, the trend in outdoor areas is also towards larger formats so that, for example, terraces can be designed to match corresponding floor designs in living spaces in colour and format. The outdoor tiles are frost and fire-resistant, highly chemical-resistant and have non-slip surfaces.

Visually, the respective areas are marked by fewer joints overall.

There are different methods for laying tiles in outdoor areas:

  • dry laying on grass
  • dry laying on gravel and grit
  • traditional laying on screed
  • dry laying on supports or pedestals

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