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Fuorisalone - Milan 2019 MATERIATTIVA


Fuorisalone - Milan 2019

Porcelaingres participated at the 2019 Milano Design Week in Milan as part of the Iris Ceramica Group.

This year, together with the young architects of the SOS School of Sustainability and the renowned architectural firm Mario Cucinella Architects, we presented the MateriAttiva installation, a project that offers visitors a multisensory experience, where they are led through a room, exploring new boundaries. The subject of the Brera Design District at this year's FuoriSalone, "Design Your Life", is also our maxim to continue to experiment with and use environmentally friendly materials of the new generation. They contribute to improving human well-being while also contributing to the future of our planet through their sustainability. Sustainability is seen as a tool to conclude a new deal between man and nature.

The Iris Ceramica Group, a pioneer in the development of sustainable technologies and production processes, contributes significantly to research into the performance of active material and improves the quality of the environment in the rooms in which it is used. The installation recreates the cave, a place of original purity, where we rediscover the elements that life took shape from, the specific characteristics of the material become visible through the use of light, water and sound. Properties of an endless number of tiny elements can have effects on a much larger scale; the coordinated action of several individuals can achieve forms of collective intelligence. The breathing of trees is the key to life, reminding us of the need to get inspiration from the hidden mechanisms of nature, to develop materials in which and with which we can live in harmony.