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Architecture World in Cologne


Architecture World in Cologne


From 23 to 27 October, Porcelaingres participated in the Architecture World trade fair in Cologne.

The spotlight was on the new 6 mm thick, large format collection: Great Metastone, a type of stone that arose from the intersection of different overlapping surfaces to generate a new, delicately contemporary structure. The extremely versatile material that resulted is suitable for both classic, elegant rooms and contemporary, minimalist spaces. Available in four different colours, Great Metastone has a thickness of 6 mm and comes in 300x100, 150x100 and 100x100 formats. In addition to the traditional natural finishes, the collection now features a polished version, which has been highlighted through its use on one of the sinks in the Just H2O collection.

Porcelaingres also seized the opportunity to present the eight naturally desaturated hues of the Color Studio collection. The shades of this bona fide chromatic system can be combined in countless different ways, as the warm and cool tones combine perfectly with each other. In addition to the traditional 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 formats and special pieces such as mosaics and laths, the collection includes new geometric shapes, such as: right triangle, rhombus, trapezium, lozenge. Porcelaingres’ truly modular systems make it possible to combine shapes and colours into boundless solutions, some of which we presented to the public on panels in our stand.


For more information, please visit: Great Metastone , Color Studio

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