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The new Castellarano Showroom


The new Castellarano Showroom


Nestled among the green hills just a few kilometres away from the major ceramic district of Sassuolo is the Castellarano showroom, which has been a benchmark for Porcelaingres customers for years. Completely renovated, it has opened its doors to the public on the occasion of Cersaie 2017.

It is organised by instantly recognisable themed areas where customers can easily find their way around and spot what they’re looking for: 

“The Urban area”, dedicated to our design and technology signature collection; the “Just H20 area”, dedicated to bathroom furnishings such as washbasins and shower trays coated in porcelain stoneware; “the outdoor area”; “the wood area”, a Atelier where combinations of materials can be tested out; a technical area displaying the merchandising tools that Porcelaingres is designing in-house; a special area with settings where products can be appreciated in context. There are also reception areas such as the bar at the entrance and a dining area with a fireplace, where visitors can sit around a table and feel at home.

The comfort and expansive spaces that set the Castellarano area apart create the backdrop for a strong multimedia communication project that is unique in the ceramic world. Indeed, at the heart of the showroom, there is an urban house corner set up for an immersive virtual experience within an in-house designed home environment, to present all the possible applications of the ceramic product, to help the customer visualise custom furnishings.
There is also an interactive wall with a video projector displaying how various stoneware thicknesses are well suited to both interiors and exteriors. 

A journey exploring comfort and technology that marks a young company eager to grow.

Come visit us!

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