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URBAN HOUSE is a 360° experience of contemporary residential living where the visitor can fully immerse themselves using virtual reality tools and experience the versatility of the materials of the Urban and Urban Great collections in all their various uses.

The three different thicknesses (6mm, 8mm, 20mm), featured in the different sizes and colours available in the range, are presented inside a virtual house, in contexts ranging from indoors to outdoors, right up to furnishing ensembles.

Entering the house gives the visitor hands-on experience of the space surrounding him, not only by changing the colour of floors and claddings, but also by looking closely at the various porcelain stoneware applications in bathroom furnishing solutions, such as sinks and shower trays, and in outdoor furniture like benches, tables, flower boxes and swimming pools.

URBAN HOUSE is the first ever virtual rendering of a complete and concrete ceramic project, where design and technology come together to explore new possible developments that can overcome the limits of reality.

Porcelaingres has chosen the Fuorisalone in Milan, in the heart of the iconic design district of Brera, to premiere their virtual URBAN HOUSE project, but you can continue to visit Porcelaingres' virtual house at our showrooms in Castellarano, Vetschau and Berlin. Our goal, moreover, is to further develop this project by sharing the experience of URBAN HOUSE with architects and retailers, giving them the opportunity to present and expand their knowledge of the Urban world through this innovative interactive tool.

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