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porcelaingres @ Rewo Bau, Ceram Vision and Schunke


porcelaingres @ Rewo Bau, Ceram Vision and Schunke


During the first weeks of March Porcelaingres has been engaged in many Faris Rewo Bau, Ceram vision, Schunke Hausmesse organized by important dealers of the German area. On these occasions, we presented our latest collections of porcelain stoneware distributed in Germany with the prestigious brand Schöner Wohnen.

We presented the urban collection and the urban great’s large format slabs, along with our last collection soft concrete, which after a few months from the launch it has already had a great success.

A particularly relevant booth had been designed for the Ceram Vision trade fair organized by our dealer Linnenbecker. For the first time Porcelaingres presented on that booth its new range of special pieces made of porcelain stoneware stone in 2cm thickness, designed specifically to increase the outdoor proposal.

urban great is available in three different formats (300x300 cm, 150x100 cm and 100x100cm) in 6 mm thickness, is a classic and elegant collection and it is the ideal slab for furnishing any surface, soft concrete is produced in the formats 120x60cm, 60x60cm and 60x30 cm in 8mm thickness, and it is characterized by a natural looking surface that lends itself not only to contemporary interior as much as country and retro settings.

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