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The name “Mile_Stone” (Pietra Miliare in Italian) derives from the Latin “miliarius”.

In the Roman empire, milestones were put by the side of the road to show where each mile ended.

In a figurative sense it means a landmark, an important point or change, and that is what Porcelaingres has done with the development of the new Mile_Stone collection.

Making full use of cutting-edge machine technology, with this new collection Porcelaingres presents a line that can show off the beauty of natural stone that is enhanced by the effects of time and weathering.

Four shades are available (Carbon Black, Rusted Brown, Chalky Grey, Faded Beige) in natural or lapped finish in 120x60x0.8, 60x60x0.8 and 60x30x0.8 formats, of which two (Carbon Black and Rusted Brown) are also available in double thickness (120x60x2 and 60x60x2) for external use.

Each shade has a range of looks, full of different tones which combine to make countless harmonious movements, making the collection suitable for every kind of setting and style, both classic and contemporary. 

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