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#20 outdoor: installation on sand and gravel


#20 outdoor: installation on sand and gravel


The #20 outdoor concept was created from advanced Porcelaingres technology to increase the range of uses of the recently-launched collections with 20mm thicknesses suitable for exteriors: In_Wood, Urban, Quartz_Stone and Mile_Stone.

Their outstanding capacity to resist atmospheric and chemical agents – and the passing of time – means the thicker materials can be used outdoors, but without foregoing the beauty of the more traditional thicknesses.

Thanks to these qualities, the 20mm-thickness materials look perfect in every setting and are suitable for any kind of installation (whether laid on sand and gravel, on grass, on screed or raised).

As can be seen in the photos, an exterior environment has been created inside the Porcelaingres Showroom at Castellarano in Italy, which shows sand-laid 60x60x2 Urban Ivory, which is suited to situations in which permanent paving is not an option and in which it is important that the slabs can be repositioned with ease.

Other formats which are well adapted to external use are 120x60, available in all four collections and 120x30, which is only available in the In_Wood collection.

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