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Porcelaingres at Architect@Work


Porcelaingres at Architect@Work


Porcelaingres’ promotional work has continued with attendance at two more international dates with Architect@Work.

The first was in Paris on 19th and 20th November 2015, while the second will be in the German city of Düsseldorf, on 2nd and 3rd December.

The theme behind both exhibition events continues to focus on the presentation of the recently-launched Urban Collection, which brings out the extensive range of colours in which products are available and the wide selection of formats, available in 8 or 20mm thickness (150x75x0,8/75x75x0,8/120x60x2/120x60x0,8/60x60x2/60x60x0,8/60x30x0,8).

The cement look of this collection evokes the city and its foundations, and its aesthetic and technical characteristics help create a feeling of toughness, and strength.

As a result, it is suitable both for internal and external use, so as to create harmony and continuity between living spaces.

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