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Porcelaingres at BATIMAT


Porcelaingres at BATIMAT


From 2 to 6 November 2015 Porcelaingres is pleased to invite you to the Batimat, an innovation and architecture exhibition in Paris.

For this occasion, the company has decided to create an exhibition space inspired by the design concept used for the Cersaie 2015 stand, which was met with great success.


Gres porcelain becomes the protagonist of a "modern house" in which its performance and aesthetic qualities are highlighted, as well as its use for bathroom furnishings, tables and other objects.

We talk about collections with the concrete effect (Urban), metal with a thickness of 6mm (Great Metals) and stone (Quartz_Stone and Mile_Stone), which are the real novelties.


The combinations of these materials make our stand a welcoming design environment in which the potential applications of the large Great Metals slabs (6mm in thickness) with regards to furnishings are clearly evidenced, as well as the new Quartz_Stone and Mile_Stone collections offered in 8 and 20mm, therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.


The enticing journey within this space passes through typical "indoor" environments such as the bathroom, where "water features" enhance the typical stone structure of the Quartz_Stone collection, to a gardening area where the new Mile_Stone collection in 20mm makes its debut, all the while respecting the concepts of INDOOR and OUTDOOR.

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