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Porcelaingres at Architect@Work


Porcelaingres at Architect@Work


Porcelaingres was present, during the month of October, at the two events of the Architect@Work program in the cities of Monaco and Marseilles, continuing  this way the activity of events and promotion towards architects, after the strong consensus obtained  during the week of the Cersaie, too.
An exhibition space has been proposed for both events focusing on the development of the multiformats and the double thickness of one of the leading collections regarding cement, the "Urban" collection.
A collection inspired precisely by cement, as the par excellence material in architecture and urban environments.
A material able to create a unique area, of design, a choice of modern character.
Suitable for a design environment as well as for a private dwelling or office.
It will be present at the upcoming Architect@Work events in Paris and in  Düsseldorf with the same concept (19-20.11.2015 and  2-3.12.2015).

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