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CERSAIE 2015 – International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings


CERSAIE 2015 – International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings


After the unexpected success of last year, Porcelaingres will be taking part again in Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, with a space not only for promoting the brand but, thanks to the important new product of a year of intensive research, it intends to express a precise concept: INDOOR – OUTDOOR.

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This development comes from its analysis and market requirements constantly more focused on pursuing high quality solutions and performance. It is aiming increasingly towards offering a material to be used in multiple contexts and applications, where a connection between indoor and outdoor is required. Therefore, we decided that the thicknesses of our materials could play a decisive role.

This development was already introduced by the last two collections launched over the year, In_Wood and Urban, thanks to which we discovered further market requirements as well as very positive signs, particularly with the just as positive consent from our stakeholders, suggesting that this choice is absolutely coherent.

In fact, the two new collections to be launched at the upcoming Cersaie inspired by stones, QUARTZ_STONE and MILE_STONE, come from the prerogative to accompany users towards a choice that is not only for traditional ceramic floors, but for solutions with porcelain slabs, able to guarantee the very high aesthetic performance typical of stone materials with all the high quality and performance levels of Porcelaingres material.

It is the new concept that the company defines "from 8 to 20 mm” and on which the next presentations will be based: absolutely rigorous aesthetics in all the technical nature of its thicknesses.

In fact, the study and creation of the Porcelaingres stand in Bologna comes from the inspiration to transmit this combination of thicknesses in a dialogue between indoor and outdoor, design and emotion.

A path in which visitors can wander between the environments of modern living, using materials known as "large 6 mm thin slabs", which add and provide a strong creative style, for the expression of the possibilities for use, also creating common elements such as tables, bookshelves, lamps and finally the unforgettable bathroom furnishings.

Porcelaingres is increasingly facing the large world of contemporary design with cutting edge solutions, approaching an absolutely international target; particularly due to its ability to offer experience and professionalism in creating designs of "all thicknesses".

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