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PORCELAINGRES SHOWROOM / Mehringdamm 55-57 - courtyard 2 / 10961 Berlin / Germany


PORCELAINGRES SHOWROOM / Mehringdamm 55-57 - courtyard 2 / 10961 Berlin / Germany

The complex Sarottihöfe, made up by six different courtyards, is a creative and vibrant mix of studios, workshops, offices and agencies. And right there in the very heart of Kreuzberg – courtyard 2 - Porcelaingres has opened its new Showroom.

All of our experiences working with various partners in architecture, commerce and art came together for the design process where we took new paths and approaches, which differ fundamentally from the usual tiles exhibitions and presentations, in order to raise the competitive level.

And the industrial charm of the rooms itself creates the contrast to the ultra-modern exhibition elements, which is so fundamental for a creative atmosphere. No new materials were used; the genuine and honest character of the building not destroyed. Old brick walls and wood flooring - certainly a strange decision for a porcelain stoneware manufacturer.

But we do not just care for tiles but rather for the people filling this space with life, energy and creativity. The showroom is intended as meeting place for the ideas of planners, designers, artists and our own; it should attract creative people and encourage an active debate around and about architecture.


Flexible, versatile, lively – just as architecture itself.