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“Design your slab” is a revolutionary new hi-tech service that lets you apply any image or illustration to large-sized ceramics.

The Design Your Slab system can decorate any slab type and offers unique personalisation every time, from the largest to the smallest dimensions and traditional formats to ground-breaking ones.
Unfettered creativity embraces the whole image, leaving no shade or colour, optical, geometrical or pop-art effect out of the equation: every single detail, decoration and flash of inspiration is welcomed by surfaces that reproduce every idea in an inimitable fashion.

Perfect for customising any type of setting, from large indoor spaces like halls, lobbies and open spaces in residential and commercial venues, to exterior walls, building façades, and other elements of urban design and major works. The slabs from Design Your Slab are also perfect as true furnishing elements, decorating benches, furniture, doors, or framing walls like true paintings.

Design Your Slab doesn’t just mean imagination. It means confidence, reliability, with technology and materials that ensure lasting optimal colour performance.

From minimalist concepts to the most elaborate designs, anything a designer can imagine can become a décor element with such a highly performing material as hi-tech ceramics. It is also possible, at any time, to define the details of your project in contact directly with experts from our laboratories, for results that meet all your expectations.

DYS is the most comprehensive , flexible decorating service – on demand – for large ceramic s labs.


This past year, all the companies part of the IRIS CERAMICA GROUP have taken part in the joint project DYS - Design Your Slab, which enables creating any image or illustration on large format slabs.

Porcelaingres seized on Open Days as an opportunity to show its clients the potential for this innovative technological service, by printing a graphic interpretation of the Berlin map on four 300x100 format slabs from the Urban Great collection, arranged together to create a single 6x3 metre wall.


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