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North-european inspired, the new Loft collection is the perfect union of stone and cement. The solid heft of cement and the natural elegance of stone come together in a simple and modern yet rich product speckled with iridescent, glittering particles that give character to the material.
Made for both residential and public settings, this is a versatile collection suitable for both interiors and exteriors, thanks to the natural and structured double finish.
The collection will be launched on the market in the formats 100x100, 120x60, 60x60, 60x30 in two thicknesses, 6 mm, 8mm and 20 mm, in four natural colours that perfectly complement the very latest architectural trends (Loft Snow, Loft Sand, Loft Smoke, Loft Dark). Aufgrund ihrer nordeuropäischen Inspiration ist die neue Kollektion Loft die perfekte Kombination zwischen Stein und Zement.


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