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The Royal family is growing further with the introduction of large formats and is now Great Royal Stone.
The collection maintains the same texture, now expanded and enhanced by material continuity and the thin thickness of a mere 6 mm. An expanded range that broadens design possibilities thanks to 300x150 cm, 150x150 cm, 150x75 cm, 75x75 cm and 75x37.5 cm formats that make it suitable for covering floors, walls and furnishing accessories.
In the same vein as Royal Stone, the texture skilfully combines stone and marble to give rise to an
elegant surface with an urban flair, perfectly suited to the contract sector as well as private residences.
There are three colours to choose from – Black Diamond, Palladium Grey, Platinum White, currently available only in Natural finish – and are 6 mm thick to ensure slabs are lightweight as well as sturdy and versatile for furnishing applications.


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