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great metals and just great represent a new generation of large formats, the result of constant research and the most advanced manufacturing technology. It consists of porcelain stoneware slabs with much larger dimensions than standard, ranging from 300 x 150 cm to 75 x 37,5, 6 mm thick. great metals und just great offer enormous potential for use. From architecture to interior design, the slabs can be applied on both floors and walls, as a furnishing element, for designing sets, covering modern worktops or can even be used as an actual decoration. the characteristic of these slabs inspired by the aesthetic potential of industrial metallurgy does not go unnoticed. The “corten” effect of oxidum, the minimalism of steel, the luminosity of white iron and the refinement of zinc titanium make great metals a sophisticated line but free from frivolity. Two finishes complete the range: raw (natural) and sleek (lapped).