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All the companies in Iris Ceramica Group carry out research and innovation activities, and together have developed a new production method in which active ingredients contribute to the environmental sustainability. This amazing technology makes it possible for indoor and outdoor spaces, also interior and exterior of buildings to actively help to create a better environment as a long term contribution.

This revolutionary production method also makes it possible to manufacture ceramic materials for floors and walls, and they are able to make a concrete antibacterial, antiviral, anti mold action and they lead to a reduction of pollutants, which unfortunately are a constant in the current urban condition.

The collection Active SurfacesTM can be laid, both in the indoor and outdoor environments of buildings, materials that actively and permanently contribute to a better environment.
The active ingredient is based on a photocatalytic reaction: in the presence of air (and consequent moisture) and light activates a strong process of oxidation leading to the decomposition of the organic and inorganic pollutants that come into contact with photocatalytic surfaces. A reaction that resembles the well-known chlorophyll in photosynthesis by transforming substances that are considered harmful to humans.

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